Welcome to Onhwa' Lumina - An enchanted night walk into the heart of Huron-Wendat culture

You are invited to Wendake, near the city of Quebec, to discover an enchanted night walk that celebrates the Huron-Wendat Nation and their way of life.

As night falls, you will be transported along a 1.2-kilometre pathway infused with the magic of light, sound and video projections. This immersive multimedia experience will invite you into a collective adventure rich with emotion, that bridges the founding myth to a vision of a bright and promising future.

Under the starry sky, immerse yourself in ancestral rhythm and song. Step inside the Great Circle to feel your connection with all living things.

Onhwa’ enter into the heart of Huron-Wendat culture.


In the heart of Wendake, a poetic forest journey awaits you. Begin within the Great Circle, then travel across the back of the Turtle, around the heart of a traditional longhouse, through the village and among the stars. Along the way, the Wendat language will come to life, as stories are told in light and songs infuse every step.

Celebrate the unique way of life that has guided the Huron-Wendat through time immemorial.

The circle

The Huron-Wendat have a circular understanding of the world, in which all beings are equal and interdependent, each on the others. Humans are understood to be one of the many life forms that participate in this harmonious unity.

The turtle

La tortue - l'histoire de Onhwa' Lumina - Un parcours nocturne enchanté à la rencontre du peuple Huron-Wendat

Turtle Island is the traditional name given to North America by the Huron-Wendat and shared by several other indigenous peoples. In the Huron-Wendat version of the creation myth, a piece of earth, fallen from the sky, is retrieved from the water’s depths by grandmother Toad, and spread out upon the back of the Great Turtle, becoming an island. In this way, Yäa’tayenhtsihk had a place to live after she fell from the Sky World to the Water World below.

Explore your journey

Click on the arrows to travel through the world of Onhwa’ Lumina

  • Yiheh!

    Onhwa’ enter into the heart of Huron-Wendat culture.

  • Kwaweyih
    We are all united – The circle

    Step within the Great Circle and feel the luminous presence of every life form.

  • Yändia’wich
    The turtle

    Let yourself be transported, back to the origins of our world, upon the back of the Great Turtle.

  • Yänonhchia’
    The long house

    Take your place around the fire, at the heart of our daily activities, and look out for the mysteries of the night.

  • Yändata’
    The village

    Behold the magnitude of our village, the richness of our alliances, and the honour of our warriors.

  • Onyionhwentsa’
    Our world

    Immerse yourself in the surrounding environment, the beauty and the generosity of the land.

  • Hatiyöndahskehen’
    The ancestors

    Look to those who have paved the way, giving life and transmitting knowledge. The honourable ancestors are all around.

  • Tihchion’
    The stars

    Reawaken your hope for the world, under a shower of starlight.

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